Who Are We ?


     Pair of Three is an acoustic/vocal music trio performing in Boulder County.  We play a variety of musical styles and covers of popular music spanning from the ‘60’s to present.  Our repertoire includes rock, folk, blues, and country.  Also, we perform a variety of foreign language love songs in Spanish, Italian, and French. 

     The group is comprised of three members, two of whom first worked as a pair and eventually added a third member, thus ‘Pair of Three’.  Ani Espriella and Gaynor Nelson first began playing together in 2012, at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico.  They continued as a duo until asking third member, Rick Tisinai to join them in 2013.  They began working at art opening events and moved on to small club venues. 

     Ani serves as lead singer and plays guitar, bongo and a variety of latin percussion instruments.  Rick plays lead and rhythm guitar, mandolin and sings backup vocals.  Gaynor provides harmony and backup vocals and plays guitar and ukulele.  Their vocal and instruments and voices blend well and comprise the essence of the “Pair of Three’” sound.


       Performance Schedule






                          Performance dates for 2020**


                        October 4               Niwot Tavern                                   5 - 7:30 pm 

                        October 16             La Vita Bella                                     5 - 7 pm   


                        October 17             Sugar Pine-Prospect                       5:30 - 7:30 pm 

                        September 11         La Vita Bella                                     7:30 - 9:30 pm

                         September 5         Art Walk - Chalk Festival                 10 am - 12












Where we have performed

¨ The Cheese Importers -Longmont


   La Vita Bella - Longmont

¨ Still Cellars—Longmont

¨ Samples-  Longmont

¨ Front Range Brewing Company, Lafayette

¨ Old Oak Coffee House, Niwot

¨ Haystack Mountain, Niwot

.. Beyond the Mountain Brewery, Niwot

¨ KCP Art Bar, Longmont

¨ Arts Longmont

¨ Great Frame Up, Longmont

¨ Numerous Private parties